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Our supportive and inclusive community is what sets us apart from other gyms. Our community of members, coaches, and instructors will be with you each step of the way to help you achieve your goals!

Our Farrell's @ Home digital platform was developed to help you get  back on a healthy track for all of your at-home workout needs!

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By becoming a member you have access to a comprehensive platform that includes:

Best of all—when you join Farrell’s @ Home, you join our community.  

Kickboxing. Strength. Nutrition. Coaching.

Don’t let the world stop you from living your best life. Now is the time to reserve your spot and let us help you stay active and healthy! 

 Farrell's @ Home is not just pre-recorded classes, it’s much, much more! 

Now is the Time to Invest in Yourself!

Our classes are challenging, effective and always unique! The impact over time is often quite dramatic. Kickboxing increases cardio-respiratory fitness and aerobic conditioning. Strength training drastically increases overall strength while building long, lean muscle. The combination of both along with a commitment to proper nutrition will produce life changing results!

Come to as many classes you want. Our class schedule offer six options throughout the day. Still can't find the perfect time? We have a library of recorded workouts that fit any schedule.

Live interactive Zoom classes everyday. Kickboxing is Monday, Wednesday and Friday – Strength Training is Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

We pride ourselves on providing workouts for absolute beginners and advanced trainees alike.

Nutritional Guidance

Unlimited Classes

We're not another diet plan! Our goal is to educate our members on healthy eating habits for long term results. To provide you the knowledge you'll need for balance, sustainability, and healthy choices! We aim to make nutrition less complicated and way more fun!

Our digital platform has Nutrition Videos, Healthy Recipes and Healthy Shopping Lists to help you learn how to fuel your health and fitness goals.

Then implement that knowledge while tracking your food on an easy to use app called MyFitnessPal. We’ll review your progress on live coaching calls and provide feedback for you to implement.

Nutrition will play a major part in achieving your fitness goals. You may also find that you have more energy, sleep better, feel less bloated and sluggish, and hear people say you have a healthy glow!

Individual Personalized Coaching

Social Accountability

Everything seems easier when we know that we’re not alone in our journey.

You're never alone at Farrell's. Our community is everything.

For at home only members, our VIP Member Only Facebook group is a valuable resource to ask questions, seek out advice, gain motivation and inspiration, and even start to make friends!

Personal coaching is a truly important tool we use at Farrell's to make sure you're personal needs and goals are always addressed! It's like having a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost.

Work one on one with a coach over Zoom to set achievable goals and timelines. We’ll set a plan in place for you to overcome challenges and obstacles before they even happen! Check in weekly to keep on track, have questions answered, and stay accountable!

We strive to provide our members with the results they are looking for. Our coaches will follow up with you regularly to ensure you’re getting the most out of the program.

They are also available for questions at any time via email. Dramatic results are typical! Best of all, our members are people just like you.

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